Sunday, December 29, 2013


 So my scanner doesn't cooperate with my current operating system. This means, to scan anything I have to pull out my tiny, broken EEE. The thing has no battery, no screen, and half the time the mouse can only move up and down, not left to right. It's a real pain, so I've been scanning my art less and less regularly, and when i do I tend to make it an all day event, getting as much done as I can so I won't have to worry about the thing.

Anyways, this is from the recent batch of scans I did. The first is a picture from Oakland of my roommates Brian, Pat and I. The second is a work in progress for a new Sperble Elite logo. Then a little grim reaper sketch. Below is a design for either a toy or animation, I forget. Something I don't have the time to actually make.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


A week comic I did of my friend Andy's life down in the bay. This was for a project my brother had come up with: four differernt people document a week of their life, making up a whole month. The book never came together, but this is one of those weeks.

The comic will someday have ink washes.