Tuesday, May 3, 2016


A homage to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns cover. It's funny, I've always found this cover to be kind of a bad one. Mostly because in the original, all the critical details to identifying Batman are obscured in shadow. That, along with the huge amount of unused space, made it seem like a bit of a lazy pic. In doing this homage however, I realized that the obscured details are probably intentional, to create a bit of mystery. A good trick for a cover, leave the reader wondering 'who is this?'. And the matte colored background of the original probably popped like crazy on the comic shelf.

It's always interesting what you learn from mimicking an artist's style. It's hard to come away without a great apprectiation of their work.

This picture was inspired by a Sperble Elite spin off my friend John just wrote. I will be illustrating it at the same time I'm making my fourth issue. I've never made a full length comic from a script, it seems like a fun prospect.