Thursday, May 9, 2013


Hopefully, if I don't get too drunk tonight, I will finish the rough of this zine. Even if I do get too loaded, it's about time to premier it. The cover of my latest work, a travelogue of my trip to Philadelphia and Belize. It will be the first printing I've ever put together digitally,  a process which I will never do again with this computer. Such a pain! I actually thought it would be simpler then doing the work by hand. Next time it's typewriter and glue all the way!
Regardless of the problems with process, I think this will be a very solid book, probably my largest solo printing (besides SPERBLE).
UPDATE: I got too drunk and didn't finish.
ANOTHER UPDATE: I've given out all my copies of this zine, so I feel like it's time to post some of the art from it.

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