Thursday, June 19, 2014


If you check this blog regularly, you've probably noticed a decrease in posts. This has nothing to do with actual artistic output. I've been making more then ever lately. It's more an issue of ways to get these images online. Two scanners have given out on me recently, including my giant flatbed scanner which was the only way I could scan original comic book pages. Also, my Ipod touch disappeared, leaving me without a digital camera.
I have wanted to try to keep up on the blog though, so today I borrowed my girlfriend's Ipod to take some photos of recent work. Some of these will be re-posted as more complete images or in better quality.

These first few a from a scrapbook I did of my most recent house. Normally when I move I throw the loose papers and drawings together into a book. A few are things I didn't draw, but whatever.

This last one is a painting a did in 24 hours as a little challenge to myself.

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