Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I never thought I would have succeeded in a feudal world, or in the past in general. In what many of us now see as the GAME OF THRONES era, success would take a great deal to achieve. I love a good sword fight as much as the next person, but I really lack ambition. I couldn't murder a stranger, or poison my brother, or start a war because someone dishonored me. Hell, I can't bring myself to believe in honor. I totally have the wrong mentality for such a world, and, in all likelihood end up plowing the fields, or maybe being one of those guys that sat along the side of the road waiting to die of the plague.

That's what I've always thought. Recently though, something occurred to me. I have this incredible appetite. It's a little nuts. I can normally eat myself into bursting pain four or five times a day and still require a full night of beer and quesadillas to be content. I don't know why, it's just the way I am. This unhealthy metabolism might have led me to great things in a feudal system.

See, back then, it was really easy to starve. This might seem obvious, but it's really not much of a factor in my world. I've been completely poor, been homeless, and still always managed to find food (and normally booze). Normally you can just look at the ground until you find change for a fast food sandwich. There's enough food in your average dumpster to feed anyone and it's normally not even gross. So, food has never been a huge motivator for me. Sure, I've been bummed on eating shit food. I've had my stomach hurt from lack of food. But I've never even gone a whole day without eating.

In a feudal world though, everyone but the rich were generally very close to starving. Even if were at pretty successful average person you were probably deficient in a lot of regards, and always in need of nutrition you couldn't get. Only the top, most successful people were well fed. I think this might have given me the ambition I lack in a modern world. I would have been forced to succeed to fill my gut. That might make me a much more efficient and successful guy.
And So I present a view at what I might have become in a different time: THE HUNGRY KNIGHT, SEEKER OF THE ETERNAL BREAKFAST

Just wanted to say that I did like no research for this. I accidently read a few lines of the 'feudalism' wikipedia, but that's it. So this could all be bullshit, and everyone in the past ate really well or something. Probably not though.

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